Safety, Training, & Equipment

Reliable Tank Line is dedicated to having the most professional drivers on the road. Our trainers offer decades of experience to their trainees. Time in training depends on the experience level of the trainee. The training of our drivers and their safety, as well as the safety of the general public, is our top priority.

“I have been in petroleum for 4 years, but I am new to Reliable.  When I first came here, I was impressed with the top to bottom professionalism.” – Roanoke Driver

“I don’t just teach the job, I teach a driver to be successful.  And when he or she is, we all win.” – Greensboro Trainer

“I was hired by Reliable with no fuel hauling experience.  When I got here, the training I received was top-notch.  It has enabled me to confidently perform my job.” – Selma Driver

“I came to RTL with a year of “experience” hauling gas from another petroleum transport company. It actually was a lack of experience; I was trained to read a sheet of paper and match it to a computer screen with ONE customer. At RTL I have truly been trained to use problem solving skills to evaluate a load, product, or the customer’s needs. I learned enough to become a trainer, and now I train drivers to evaluate every decision that they make to ensure it’s the RIGHT thing to do.  I emphasize safety, efficiency, and most of all, common sense before pushing any buttons or opening any valves. These are the things that I have learned at RTL and the things that I hope to pass down.” – Charlotte Trainer and 2013 Trainer of the Year

Our fleet is second to none, employing the most cutting edge technology in every new truck we purchase. Because we own all of our equipment, we take pride in properly maintaining every tractor and trailer we have. Our in-cab communication system, CarrierWeb, allows our dispatch to easily communicate with you and send you information about your loads. Round the clock dispatch ensures that you always have backup, no matter when challenging situations arise.