Our History

The United States was in the midst of the Great Depression when Quality Oil Transport was founded in 1934. Despite the overwhelming obstacle, the Company was created under the vision and leadership of Quality Oil Company  as a creative solution to an expensive shipping problem.

Prior to 1934, all of the oil and gas that Quality Oil Company distributed was brought to the area by rail from Wilmington, North Carolina. This mode of transportation was fairly expensive, chipping away at the profit of the young oil company. Quality decided that transporting the petroleum products using transport trucks would be much more beneficial and profitable by rail. Therefore in 1934, Quality Oil Transport was founded with the sole purpose of accomplishing this task. This new venture was very profitable and helped to save a considerable amount of money in transportation costs.

During the years following its creation, Quality Oil Transport flourished and expanded its business to include the delivery of petroleum products for businesses other than Quality Oil Company.  In 1984, the company changed its name to Reliable Tank Line to more properly reflect its common carrier status.

The heritage of vision and industry leadership continue today under guidance of our President, Graham F. Bennett, and Senior Vice President, Buddy Jenkins. The future is bright for our Company as we continue to grow and expand our business on a daily basis.